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290,000 US Driver’s License Records Leaked

Some 290,000 US driver’s license records have been allegedly put up for sale on the Dark Web by a hacker going by the name of NSA. The data dump is said to contain information regarding dates of birth, driving offenses, fines, full names, addresses, state, ZIP codes, phone numbers and email addresses.

Claiming that the information was gathered after breaching network systems from Louisiana locals, the hacker also says he has information pertaining to other serious crimes. While the database appears strictly related to Louisiana residents, NSA says non-Louisiana drivers are also listed, speculating that they could be tourists.

“Sometimes MiddleName is NULL along with PhoneNumber and EmailAddress because whoever entered this data is a lazy [expletive] and should be fired,” reads the Dark Web post. “However, you’ll notice that FirstName sometimes contains the middle name or its initial.”

While he didn’t state the price he wants, the ad does mention that he doesn’t want any “lowball offers” and he’s only interested in selling it to interested “customers”. Since the validity of his claims has yet to be independently verified, he does mention that the information is scattered across all ages, from teenagers to senior citizens.

“Disregard the price on this listing. Make me an offer that you and I can both agree to and I’ll create a private listing that you can use to purchase this database,” reads the hacker’s ad. “Don’t bother contacting me if you’re going to hit me with lowball offers.”

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