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4 Things Every Woman Should Do on Facebook

The world’s gone social. And women are more social than men.” –Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Sandberg’s quote may have resolved a few lovers’ quarrels about computer use, and informed a few computer geeks that a woman’s heart can be won through keystrokes.

What sounded like a ray of sunshine between the sexes, though, raises security concerns for women  surfing the big bad internet.

A woman normally wouldn’t walk half-naked on city streets or tell all strangers within earshot about her “complicated” relationship status. Apparently, the laws of nature change on Facebook; women are open to interacting with strangers, posting naked compromising pictures and revealing personal details about their lives that only good friends would otherwise know.

Psychologically, the condition could be compared to a 5-year-old walking into Toys ‘R’ Us at Times Square. In the real world, women feel uncomfortable exposing parts of their personalities that might get them perceived vulnerable.

Facebook, however, is a totally different ball game. The fear of being judged disappears in a “puff.”

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Women on Facebook feel they’ve gained access to a channel where they can express themselves without being judged. Like that 5-year-old at Toys ‘R’ Us, though, they tend to ask for more.
A recent survey by HubSpot reveals that women on Facebook share more information about themselves than men. They write about their family, relationships, friends, habits, health, and anniversaries.

According to The Register, women love chocolate more than password security and are likelier to share their passwords in exchange for “chocolate bars.” Although most women might not fall for that, it explains how women on Facebook are more susceptible than men when it comes to malware, spyware, cyber-attack, or hacking.


  1. Sharing information about your upcoming holiday on Facebook might be an invitation for a robbery.
  2. Be wise when choosing friends in real life. Be wiser while choosing friends on Facebook.
  3. Use strong passwords, weak passwords are for irresponsible people.
  4. Don’t overshare on Facebook because your information will be could be misused.

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  • Nice little article. I like that you kept it short as well as presented some good tips at the end. The key is to never post compromising pictures, because once they are online they are online forever.