Adware Reaches Half of Mac OS X Threats, Bitdefender Says

Half of Mac OS users are complaining that ads and unwanted apps (PUA) are disrupting their browsing experience and endangering online safety, Bitdefender researchers found.


Source: Apple forums

Analyzing the OS X malware landscape of first semester of the year, Bitdefender found that adware accounts for almost half of all Mac OS X threats in the US (46 per cent) and Germany (45 per cent). And it gets more bothersome as adware is even more prominent in Denmark (61 per cent) and Romania (58 per cent). In Australia, aggressive ads and PUA represent 27 per cent of the total threats, which also includes some Trojans and worms.

Why is adware a security risk?

Adware make its way on machines when users surf the web or gets bundled with freeware downloaded from the Internet. It poisons web search results with unwanted pop-up ads after covertly tracking users’ online behavior. It also redirects users to unwanted pages they are not really interested in. Its purpose is to make money with every click. But adware can also be really invasive, drain users’ computer resources or expose them to security risks like keyloggers and even man-in-the-middle traffic interception attacks.


Source: Bitdefender

How to control pop-up ads

Whether they pose security risks or performance headaches, some types of adware are more than a nuisance. Here are five key tips to stay adware-free:

  • Be selective about the programs you download to your computer. Make sure you really need a program before downloading it since some programs can carry spyware and other unwanted programs.
  • Read licensing agreements. They should tell you everything about how your data is collected, stored and shared with third parties.
  • Watch out for anti-spyware scams. Some tools pretend to help you get rid of unwanted applications, but they actually do the opposite.
  • Beware of clickable advertisements. Use an ad-blocker to avoid malicious or simply annoying ads.
  • Keep your Mac software and iOS software up to date, some software updates include improvements that help control pop-ups.

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