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American App Magazine Hacked by Latin America Crew

A Latin America-based group hacked an American technical magazine as a protest against the “system.” After defacing the website of App Developer Magazine, Black Team Security posted an anti-governmental message.

A hacker by the name of Relativo took responsibility for the attack, and thanked other members of Black Team Security.

American App Magazine Hacked by Latin America Crew“Only the people save the country,” the hacker said on the defaced web page. “F**k system, f**k the government, we are coming after you. Hacking is not a crime.”

The self-titled cyber-activist group said the magazine’s defacement is part of a bigger movement. Under #Opindependencia Latinoamerica, the hacktivists say they will fight for “less corruption and more democracy.”

On Facebook, the group only has a few hundred supporters. The cyber-activists recently opened an official website registered on a “.pk” domain to share materials about hacking.

“Already know that we are a family and I hope that our group continues to grow,” the Black Team Security leader said.

At the time of this writing, the website of the US monthly publication was still offline. HotForSecurity warns readers that the page might later be loaded with malware, as hackers are still able to modify the content as they wish.

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