And the iWorld Stood Still

A tribute to Steve Jobs

They haven’t just heard about him. They’ve come to know him.

For them, this is not just another piece of news. For them, as for millions of others, this is the sad end of a beautiful story.

They hope the legend will live on. These are their words. From the heart:

“Apple Lisa set the computer mouse up for widespread use. No one seemed to believe in the future of this device and now it’s as common as door knobs. We’ve got intelligible and simple graphic interfaces on our computers thanks to Steve and his team. Digital cameras for regular consumers? Apple thought about it for the first time. Heard of Adobe Photoshop? Let’s not forget who saw the potential in that. I’d say we all owe Steve Jobs a lot.”  Alex Bloju, Web Designer, Bitdefender Online Team.

“Steve Jobs is a hero to me. Even if you didn’t know anything about him and just listened to his Stanford opening speech you’d really get it that he’s special. I admire him for having been able to inspire millions of people and for creating a true Mac cult. Apple’s one of the few companies that  managed to get back on its feet exclusively based on its fans’ loyalty and that, to me, says a lot. Actually, by choosing a Mac you make a statement about important values that you believe in. Everything “just works”, as Steve once said, and you get addicted to that, even if you’re not an IT expert. This is a legacy we should honor. “ Dan Iorgulescu, DTP Specialist, Bitdefender Marketing Agency.

“This is a sad time for us all. Humanity, not just our industry, has lost a great mind, a true mentor for many of us. Let’s all take a moment and think about the countless ways in which Steve Jobs’ ideas have influenced our lives. His innovations, which set the world of technology on the path to greatness, his courage and vision, these are the things that we will always remember him by. Take a look around. Steve’s spirit is present everywhere in your online existence.” Catalin Cosoi, Head of the Bitdefender Online Threat Labs. 

“The thing about Steve Jobs that has always inspired me is his unique view on the connection between what other people use and what he uses. His ideas not only transformed Apple into a completely user-oriented company, but they raised the bar for the entire industry; just think about how many times you’ve heard business people say “why can’t we be like Apple?”. Apart from looking up to him as a professional I have always appreciated the fact that he is one of the most down to earth, yet inspiring role models somebody can have – a man who’s shown  everyone that creativity can really help you succeed.” Alex Antihi, Bitdefender User Experience Manager

"Apple products are just like any other products until you use them. After that you understand that the difference is in the small details that cannot be easily explained. Small details do make a huge difference. A lot of how we interact with technology today is a result of limitations that existed in the past. I feel that Steve Jobs had the vision to see how users would interact with their products if those limitations didn't exist and the guts to implement the necessary changes." Alex Novac, Bitdefender Cloud Services and Online Threats Manager

“How many generations have had the opportunity to witness the incredible lives and achievements of a man like Steve Jobs? Not many, I’d say. I discovered him in 2005, when I bought my first Mac. I followed all his presentations, one by one. I lived the magic of the first iPhone launch in 2007, a climactic moment in the history of Apple and, probably, the time we all got to see Steve at his best. In 2008, I was lucky enough to visit the Apple campus and to spot his famous Mercedes, parked the wrong way, just as the legend goes. It is with deep regret that I now say goodbye to Steve, who’s joined the circle of great people I would have been honored to meet in person, had I had the chance. We are bound, deep in our hearts, to take his dream further. The amazing things he has created must live on. Namaste, Steve! You are the John Lennon of my generation.” Dan Berte, Bitdefender Free Tools Marketing Manager. 

“There are only a few people with a vision worth pursuing. And there are even fewer who have the strength to push for their vision. Obsessively. Even brutally. Steve Jobs created a company that transformed the attitude of high tech: from arrogant pieces of machinery, reserved for a restricted engineering caste, they became friendly, helpful and beautiful devices. He created a trend that others still struggle to understand, let alone imitate. He shaped an entire industry and will – magically! – continue to do so for many years to come…” Vlad Valceanu, Bitdefender Head of Mac Developers Team.

Friendship lives on. Beauty remains.  

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