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Anon Launches Official IRC Channel in Bid for Support

In a bid to garner more support, hacktivist group Anonymous has announced the launch of an official IRC channel where, it says, everyone interested in joining their cause to “fight against the possibility of censorship” can do so without restriction.

The press release, Anonymous also places a stronger public emphasis on fighting Internet censorship by standing up against bills like ACTA, CISPA, FISA, NDRP and SOPA that are presented as anti-piracy laws meant to protect both user’s and company’s intellectual rights.

“Since then, bills such as ACTA, CISPA, FISA, NDRP and SOPA have sprung up in an attempt to censor the Internet. They come with a thin veil of disinformation to hide their true purpose; they are labeled “Anti Piracy”, “Counter Terrorism”, or “National Security” policies,” according to the press release. “Each time they are slightly more successful, but eventually they are stopped by international forces such as Anonymous and organized groups with similar ideals”.

The official AnonPC IRC channel is promoted as a means of disseminating information among supporters without having a media filter applied to their message. By saying that supporters can join their cause regardless of their fields of interest, AnonPR is again trying to rally masses in a joint effort of preventing Internet censorship.

“Let your voice be heard. Together, acting as one, we can work towards a better tomorrow,” said their press release. “What are these governments trying to prove? What are they trying to hide? Who or what are they protecting?”

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