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Anon- WikiLeaks Partnership Behind ‘Syria Files’ Leak

An Anonymous Op Syria press release sets the record straight about the July 5th disclosure of more than 2 million e-mails of Syrian officials and companies in what appears to be WikiLeaks’ most consistent “revelation” yet.

In a press conference in London the day the leak hit the Internet, a WikiLeaks representative characterized the super massive load of files as “embarrassing to Syria – it helps us to understand their interests, actions and thoughts,” as noted by techradar’s Marc Chacksfield.

In its press release of July 6, Anonymous Op Syria proceeds to an extensive presentation of their efforts to “assist protesters in Syria” in an attempt to answer the un-asked question of the exact source of the impressive WikiLeaks feat.

“An Anonymous Op Syria team consisting of elements drawn from Anonymous Syria, AntiSec (now known as the reformed LulzSec) and the Peoples Liberation Front succeeded in creating a massive breach of multiple domains and dozens of servers inside Syria,” reads the release. The breach resulted in “a vast trove of information” which Anon Op Syria chose to hand over to WikiLeaks because the organization was considered to be “supremely well equipped to handle a disclosure of this magnitude.”

Anon Op Syria reaffirms its commitment to “a relentless information and psychological campaign against Assad and his murderous and genocidal government” and says its partnership with WikiLeaks is likely to grow stronger and “change human history.”

Interestingly enough, a discussion released on AnonPr on the very day of the “Syria Files” leak reveals certain concerns among Anon members about the opportunity of collaborating with the authorities once one of them has been arrested.

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