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Anonymous Attacks VoxAnon After Internal Feud

The IRC platform, founded to foster conversation among members of Anonymous, was taken offline today in an attack claimed by Anonymous itself, as the infamous hacking group apparently continues to struggle with internal strife.

Since splitting from Anonymous because they disagreed with its current selection of chat networks, VoxAnon was under several heavy attacks, culminating in the latest assault.

“This page ( is currently offline,” a message on the website read. The faction was recently established as an alternative to other Anonymous IRCs such as AnonOps, but soon came under criticism.

Even its supporters admitted the platform may host security companies and police instead of authentic Anonymous members. “Do you wanna know the best thing? 90% of the people connected aren’t trolls or feds!,” one of the VoxAnon members said. “Probably just 10% or something, haha. It’s actually possible to have a real conversation.”

Furious that the platform suffered one attack after another, the Voxanon member threatened the alleged attackers. “I love IRC, I love Voxanon and if I find out who you are, you will feel sorry,” the young supporter said. “Take it as a threat if you want, but stay away from my beloved network.”

Vox Anonymous was planned by “veteran Anonymous” members that wanted to build a new community to facilitate discussions about the international movement’s activities.

“We represent a home to the homeless, a hivemind to abandoned, and a temple for the unfaithful,” their “Constitution” reads.


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