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Anonymous Could Expose More Than 600K IPS Customer Details

Anonymous recently launched Operation Australia with a plan to target major websites and reveal confidential data that would expose more than 600K of customer data of a major local Internet Service Provider.

Anonymous said it will leak more than 40GB of data and promised that no individuals’ personal details will be compromised. The hacktivists recently said that “something big” will go down soon and the exposure of such data would be it.

The Australia ISP that was exposed is still a mystery but not many have a user base that surpasses 600,000 subscribers. On Operation Australia’s Twitter channel, Anonymous warns Australia to “Be Prepared #Australia! Something #BIG is heading your way! #anonymous #OpAustralia”.

The 40GB of data will probably be exposed soon, as Anonymous recently Tweeted “Almost there #Australia………” The hacktivist group has a long track record of collecting and dumping sensitive data on websites such as Pastebin.

Operation Australia is the latest in a long line of named hacking attacks through which the organization managed to expose classified information. Revealing 600k of customer data will prove that ISPs need to toughen security and keep a close eye on hacking attempts.

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  • Liviu Arsene your talking out your rear end. Anonymous only goes after the corporate big wigs and politicians NOT the average hard working person so get your facts straight before you post some stupid lies thinking you know everything.

    • frank, you might want to check out @Op_Australia last tweet: An Australian ISP is indeed involved in the leak.

      • I have and I already had that post checked out and I know Anonymous is not going after the average person like you say they are because what your saying and the post are complete lies. look at what Anonymous does when they hack into system they leave the average hard working persons information alone and only go after the corrupt rich assholes, because I know the news is full of falsehoods and lies. So check your fakes because anyone can post some fake ass stuff online. I hope you checked your sources. How I know what you posted is false is due to that I watch what they do closely and Anonymous takes down corrupt rich asshole to protect the average hard working person. I just see you rather kiss ass to a rich corrupt person then help the innocent.

        • Anonymous promised that no individuals’ personal details will be compromised. As such, they’re not going after the average hard working person, but instead they’ll probably try to expose some data that will reflect badly on the Australian ISP. The issue here is not necessarily client vulnerability but what type of data will they expose.and how will it affect the ISP.