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Anonymous Group Officially Declares (Cyber) War on ISIS; #OpIceISIS Launched

The Anonymous hackers collective has officially started campaign #OpIceISIS, waging (cyber) war on the terrorist group, according to the Hackers News Bulletin. The group aims to attack ISIS’ financial sources, amid the beheadings of civilians and well-known journalists.

 “We plan to attack several countries that were knowingly supporting ISIS FINANCIALLY including Turkey and Saudi Arabia,” one Anonymous member told live on France24’s Tech 24. “We warned that if they continued to support ISIS we would be forced to destroy their virtual infrastructure. And yes we have those who can do this.”

The initiative was initiated for two main reasons, as Anonymous said:

1. Raise public awareness of the urgency of Iraq’s situation.

“Before the mainstream media took serious direction in reporting the ISIS threat, we were one of the first to communicate it to the masses via the video we uploaded on YouTube in June explaining how and why ISIS came to be.”

Photo Credit: @OpIceISIS

2. The group’s disagreement with the ISIS on a religious basis as the terrorist group branded itself as ‘jihadi’ (Muslim resistance warriors).

“Muslims and Christians alike have been victims of this tragedy and we were prepared to answer questions and address any concerns that had to deal with this topic.”

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