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Anonymous Protests WikiLeaks Donation Page

Following WikiLeaks’ donation page instructing users to pay a fee in exchange for access to leaked information, Anonymous issued a statement condemning the whistleblowers’ actions.

Announcing via a PasteBin post that WikiLeaks became too focused on Julian Assange’s public personality, Anonymous believes the website should still focus on exposing classified government files kept from the public’s eye.

The idea behind WikiLeaks was to provide the public with information that would otherwise be kept secret by industries and governments. Information we strongly believe the public has a right to know,said Anonymous. “But this has been pushed more and more into the background, instead we only hear about Julian Assange, like he had dinner last night with Lady Gaga. That’s great for him but not much of our interest. We are more interested in transparent governments and bringing out documents and information they want to hide from the public.”

WikiLeaks removed the donation webpage and explained that it was an attempt to deal with “high costs in military courts.” With Anonymous distancing itself from WikiLeaks, experts say the whistleblower might have difficulties procuring leaked materials as the hacker group was rumored to have been their number one contributor.

Saying that Julian Assange is becoming too much the focus point of WikiLeaks, Anonymous still believes he should not be extradited to the US as he is only a “content provider and publisher, not a criminal.”

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