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Anonymous Rally in Anti-Putin Protests

In keeping with its tradition of politically minded hacks, Anonymous sent a message of support to the anti-Putin movement by DDoS-ing the Russian leader’s online palace, This is supposedly part of OpDefiance, a new campaign the hacktivists launched with a view to protesting against the unfair electoral process that brought Vladimir Putin back into the saddle.

According to a warning video posted by Anonymous and addressing, as always, “the citizens of the world”, the hacktivists decided to symbolically join a march against the Moscow leader that was supposed to take place on May 6. In their awe-inducing video, Anonymous said they stand ready to “[take] down government information resources” and called for solidarity: “said government having been assembled by an array of lies and electoral fraud, we ask for your help in this operation”. When justifying their actions, the hacktivists took the high moral ground approach and painted a very dramatic picture of today’s Russian society: “these politicians steal from us, imprison innocent people while using law enforcement authorities as their lap dogs and they get away with it[…]”.

This is probably not the last we will hear about the Anonymous exploits on Russian soil as anti-Putin protests are likely to continue for a while.

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