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Anonymous Targets 500 Israeli Web Sites over Gaza Conflict

The Anonymous hacker group announced today that it attacked some 500 Israeli web sites during a coordinated offensive over the Gaza conflict, according to IBTimes.

The cyber-attacks, most of them distributed denial of service, coincide with Holocaust Remembrance Day. Government and administration web sites were targeted most.

“On April 7, 2014, we call upon our brothers and sisters to hack, deface, hijack, database leak, admin takeover, and DNS terminate the Israeli Cyberspace by any means necessary,” Anonymous said in a video posted on YouTube.

“The further assault on the people of Gaza, who have been flooded by your sewage, terrorised by your military apparatus, and left to die at the border while waiting for medical attention will not be tolerated anymore.”

Anonymous Targets 500 Israeli Web Sites over Gaza Conflict

                                                                                  Image Credit: IBTimes

Two days ago, Anonymous announced on Twitter the teams involved in the campaign.

The leaks included close to 250 phone numbers posted by AnonGhost and AnonSec. Another leak contained emails, IP addresses and location coordinates while PayPal accounts of 400 individuals were leaked today during the campaign, alongside emails and encrypted passwords. Emails and plaintext passwords of a 1,350 further individuals were leaked.

The hackers even leaked Israeli Toyota emails credentials with encrypted passwords, 40 individuals being affected.

Beside the leaks, many Israeli web sites suffered DDoS attacks and defacements during the coordinated campaign.

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