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Anonymous Targets Russia Amid Ukraine Tension; Leaks Internal SQL Data

Anonymous leaked a 500 Mb internal SQL database from the Russian employment portal to protest Russia’s seizure of Crimea, according to a pastebin post by the hacktivist group.

Anonymous said it carried out the leak as part of its `OpRussia’ campaign against what it calls the ‘tyranny and brutality’ of President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s military. Anonymous says Crownservice has deep ties with the Russian government.

Anonymous Targets Russia Amid Ukraine Tension; Leaks Internal SQL Data

“We’re pleased to present something close to half a gigabyte of internal SQL data from `,’ a website with very obvious and distinct ties to the Russian government,” the Pastebin post said. “There would have been more — a lot more — but time and other factors dictated we just up and leak that […] right now.”

Today’s leak is a 495 MB file containing logs, a SQLite dump and 29 CSV files (of which 16 are empty). Because of the language barrier, even hackers can’t figure out if the leak actually contains any valuable information or not.

“Mr. Putin, … your overnight invasion of the Crimea and the Ukraine has crossed a line that we cannot allow you to cross,” the statement said. “You have invaded a sovereign nation in the name of Russian hegemony, and threatened peace and stability in the region with your actions.”

The OpRussia campaign began in retaliation for the alleged Sochi Olympics abuses and Russia’s involvement in the Ukrainian conflict, as CyberGuerrilla outlined in the OpRussia mission statement.

Anonymous says the leak is just the beginning of a long series of incidents targeting Russia’s government. “A virus has been detected. Anonymous is working to correct the system failure,” the hacking group concluded.

We also looked into some of the files and, according to the timestamps in posts, it appears that the leaked information spans between 2009 and late 2012, and might be the result of a previous data breach.

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