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AV-Comparatives names Bitdefender “Product of the Year”

Bitdefender, the innovative antivirus company, won the Product of the Year award from leading independent testing organization AV-Comparatives. The prize adds to Bitdefender 2015’s four Editor’s Choice awards from PC MAG, as well as the highest overall score for protection from AV-TEST and a host of other coveted industry awards.

The AV-Comparatives tests are the most highly regarded by top reviewers such as PC MAG, PC WORLD or CNET. This year, the organization tested 23 leading security solutions. The tests use real-life scenarios and replicate everyday user risks.

It is the second time that Bitdefender is the overall winner. The company got the top rating in all eight main tests conducted throughout 2014 by AV-Comparatives, winning gold for Real-World Protection, Proactive Protection, Overall Performance, and Malware Removal. Bitdefender got the most gold awards, surpassing competitors such as Kaspersky, Norton, AVG, Avira and McAfee.

Bitdefender “has an updated, very user-friendly interface,” noted AV-Comparative’s Summary Report for 2014.

“Throughout a year of intensive investigation, Bitdefender remained true to its reputation for flawless defense and extreme ease of use,” said Andreas Clementi, CEO of AV-Comparatives. “Bitdefender has displayed strength, innovation, agility and a keen awareness of the customers’ needs and the shifting circumstances of online security for all the years we have been testing the company’s products.”

Best Protection with Zero Impact on Performance

Bitdefender’s innovative security solution employs behavioral defense, self-learning technologies, and intelligent Cloud scanning. It can detect and block even the newest threats from all over the world, in as little as three seconds.

“The prestigious Product of the Year award from AV-Comparatives proves once more that Bitdefender offers the best protection in dealing with threats, even when they are new or unknown – all with no compromise on performance,” said Cătălin Coșoi, Chief Security Strategist.

4 Golds to Rule Them All

five-gold-awardsWhole-Product Dynamic Real-World Protection. “Perhaps the most complex of tests performed by AV-Comparatives” according to PC Mag, it replicates everyday real-life conditions. The gold shows that Bitdefender offers the highest level of protection in real-life situations with minimum action required from the user.

Proactive Protection. Bitdefender has the best heuristic detection and behavioral protection features, with the ability to act without Internet connection against completely new (0-day) malware.

Overall Performance. The gold won at this category shows Bitdefender has the lowest impact on system performance, which means users can use their computers to the max while enjoying ironclad security.

Malware Removal. Bitdefender is most effective in disinfecting a system already affected by malware.

Check out the full Summary Report 2014 here.

PC MAG and PC WORLD Praise Bitdefender’s Excellence

editors-choice-pcmagOther top industry experts have recognized Bitdefender as the highest-performing security solution. Bitdefender 2015 has won four Editor’s Choice awards from PC Mag, as well as an excellent review from PC World. For the past four consecutive years, Bitdefender has had the highest overall score for protection from AV-TEST, the international independent tester.

Since 2013 Bitdefender has been a performance leader with AV-TEST, having been recognized as the security solution with the smallest impact on system performance.

“We would like to thank all our users for putting their trust in us,” said Cătălin Coșoi, Chief Security Strategist. “We strive to maintain the highest standards, and continue to innovate so they can enjoy the best protection the industry has to offer.”

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The meaning of Bitdefender’s mascot, the Dacian Draco, an ancient symbol that depicts a mythical animal with a wolf’s head and a dragon’s body, is “to watch” and to “guard with a sharp eye.” Like our mascot, we are committed to using Bitdefender Labs, our world-class research team, to vigilantly find and eradicate threats for our customers, and to use our platform for the larger good.


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  • I really love Bitdefender’s becouse I am also using it and you deserved to be Product of the year.

  • thise is the first time i have had thise antivirus thing and its really does protect my computer better than any other i have had thanks mrs brooks

  • Congratulations to Bitdefender for the winning again. I have been a customer of Bitdefender for around 3 years and feel safe having the software installed in my machine, and think will stick to to the product.
    But just quick question, I am living in Victoria, Australia. And why computers retails here do not deal with Bitdefender, whilst they do sell other products like Norton and a few other products. Which reasons make it unpopular here? Thank you here.

  • As a ordinary user, without any advanced knowledge of technology, it is assuring to know my computer is protected by the best system.