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Award-winning Bitdefender Mobile Security bolsters defense of 5,000 users in Europol’s CyberSecMonth campaign

Bitdefender’s partnership with the CyberSecMonth initiative, supported by Europol and ENISA to raise awareness of mobile cyber threats and their devastating consequences, gave more than 5,000 European users access to cutting-edge defense against mobile threats.

Romania, the Russian Federation, Germany, France, and Poland were among the countries with the most installs.

Bitdefender’s Android security app offers flawless malware protection, minimal performance impact and robust privacy protection while incorporating Android Wear watches into the app’s anti-theft features. In November, the award-winning Bitdefender Mobile Security was available for download to protect mobile devices for six months, free of charge.

CyberSecMonth takes place every October to make citizens aware of cyber security threats, promote cyber security and provide up-to-date security information. CyberSecMonth is growing in importance every year as the number of mobile threats steadily rises, prompted by growing penetration of mobile devices and apps and price drops that allow more consumers to buy smartphones and tablets.

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