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Banana Peels on Your Catwalk

Fake Facebook freebies and Timeline fueled fashion protests bring scamshionistas* back into the spotlight


Fashion reporters around the world have embraced the minimalist trend and advocate the combo tactics when it comes to putting together a sensible wardrobe: get the basic pieces (such as a sublimely simple white shirt), and accessorize like hell. One of the most popular fashion classics is the T-shirt that speaks your mind (remember our own piece of t-shirtean wisdom?). So, if your mind’s heavy repeating Facebook, what will your sartorial muse be pondering?  Probably the Like button.

Say no more as the new generation of Like button t-shirts….the FREE Like button t-shirts are apparently here.

To all linguists out there, this is your chance to alter the dictionary entry for “free”so as to accommodate this peculiar meaning: free = (on Facebook) paid with a whole lotta blind clicks that count as subscriptions to unknown and potentially dangerous pages. Example below.

That would be the equivalent of squeezing your account into the tiniest of corsets and watching it gasp for air under the tight grip of spam. Enjoying the show? Good….’cause you’re the star.


You’ll get your t-shirt SOON, together with a pair of Swarovski embellished glasses to help you see the prank that’s been played on you. Ah, while you’re waiting for this SOON to happen, please write me a letter and give me one good reason why I should not fill in my shipping address in a comment to this picture. I have a feeling it would change my life….fashion and other wise.

How about changing your Facebook account’s t-shirt now? Plenty of roads to take here too: “hey bye bye blue facebook! Change your profile look”or even “WOW!!!! I JUST CHANGED MY FACEBOOK PROFILE TO MY FAVORITE THEME U CAN CHANGE IT HERE”.

If you’re more of a risk taker, you might also get a new brooch (don’t like the heart button? there’s a kiss variant as well!):

Same clicking marathon, same frustrated hopes for the ultimate customization tools. At best, the final steps of these semi-scams take you to sites providing various add-ons which, once installed in your browser, make your account appear different. It’s like looking at a black horse through a white striped window and saying you see a zebra. You can have your zebra, as long as you make sure that the add-on you download does nothing more than help you see virtual reality according to your sense of style.

Facebook’s not that blue, after all, is it?

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*Scams with a fashion theme

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