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Bank Indonesia, Bank of Korea Face Alleged Anonymous Attacks

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After hacking group Anonymous announced last month it’s planning a wave of cyberattacks on world banks, Bank Indonesia and the Bank of Korea have been under constant fire, according to officials.

Blocking more than 149 regions from accessing their website, Bank Indonesia believes this will plug Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, a preferred attack method of the cybercriminal group. Other central banks have allegedly been targeted by the same IP list, according to Deputy Governor Ronald Waas.

“There is regional cooperation between central banks,” said Deputy Governor Ronald Waas. “Those who have gotten hit are sharing their experiences.”

Bank of Korea officials reported that the same attack method has been used on their websites as well, but with no significant losses or impact. However, Bank Indonesia’s Benny Sadwiko also stated that more than 273 viruses and 67,000 spam emails were detected in just half a day on June 20th.

“They are trying to attack the reputation of the banks, said Sadwiko. “So we’re blocking IP addresses from countries that don’t usually access us.”

More banks around the world have also reported Anonymous-style attacks detected on their infrastructure, but their effects were quickly mitigated by their system engineers.

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