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Beta Testers Invited to Tackle the New Bitdefender

Beta Testers Invited to Tackle the New Bitdefender

Bitdefender is now inviting techies, bloggers and other elite beta testers around the globe to experience the New Bitdefender by visiting and downloading the beta kit.

Join us in making the world’s best antivirus software sharper, faster, and more lethal to malware, and you’ll get the chance to win amazing prizes, such as a 32GB Google Nexus, a 16 GB Samsung Galaxy S3, and a HP Envy dv6 laptop.

Beta Testers Invited to Tackle the New Bitdefender

The New Bitdefender is a daring blend of the tried and proven technologies that have won Bitdefender top awards and cutting-edge new concepts, such as adaptive scanning that allows the software to mold to each individual computer to greatly enhance speed and performance.

The molding technology of the New Bitdefender will adapt to system-specific profiles and apply recognition patterns so you can move quickly and nimbly even in the full suit of Bitdefender’s armor. Constantly optimizing performance based on your actions, the new Bitdefender prove a reliable companion.

Beta Testers Invited to Tackle the New Bitdefender

Offering beta testers an enhanced version of Bitdefender Safepay™, the secured browser that activates automatically during online transactions, the New Bitdefender takes this feature to a new level by including Bitdefender Wallet. Sealing sensitive information away from prying eyes and recalling the data automatically whenever you need it, it’s both secure and time-saving as it comes with an autofill format.

After receiving top awards and gushing praises, the New Bitdefender is out to beat its stiffest competition – itself. Going through an intense period of creation, experimentation and innovation, the New Bitdefender welcomes feedback during this phase of beta testing, as the company’s top minds in anti-malware will give undivided attention to every suggestion.

Beta Testers Invited to Tackle the New Bitdefender

If you’re a beta tester and you’re curious to learn more about some of the new features, download the New Bitdefender and join us in fighting malware by lending a hand in building an antivirus molded around you.

NOTE: The period when the Campaign will take p lace is: February 28th 2013 , 0 7 :00 p m (GMT +2:00) – April 1 6th 2013 , 0 7 :00 pm

Check out more screenshots of the New Bitdefender Beta:

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