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Biometrics to Become Standard Feature on Smart Mobile Devices

Biometrics for Smart Mobile Devices (SMDs) will become a standard feature by the end of the decade, says market research firm Goode Intelligence. The firm predicted 39 million users will own biometric devices by 2015.

With BYOD devices being used for both personal and work activities, increased security measures are the next step. Identity management software is predicted as a standardized solution for increased security on Smart Mobile Devices.

“This was based on the expectation that initial growth would come from two biometric modalities; embedded fingerprint sensors and voice biometrics,” said Alan Goode, founder and Managing Director of Goode Intelligence. “The news that Apple is buying fingerprint sensor specialist AuthenTec further supports the evidence for this exciting trend.”

Apple’s purchase of AuthenTec, a fingerprint sensor specialist, leads Goode Intelligence to believe OEM manufacturers are already considering implementing such technologies.

SMDs will become key in our lives and authentication systems such as biometrics will secure mobile payments and personal data. Goode Intelligence predicts SMDs will outpace PCs in sales and that next generation identification will not rely on expensive hardware.

With the ability to integrate augmented reality features and NFC-based mobile payment equipment, SMDs will need stricter security measures and authentication systems.

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