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Bitdefender BOX, rated ‘Excellent’ by PCMag

Bitdefender BOX was rated ‘Excellent’ by PCMag for its low-impact performance, elegant design, outstanding anti-malware protection and advanced device management.

Bitdefender BOX was awarded 4 stars + and made its way onto the highly-rated products list, after being reviewed by expert analysts from PCMag Labs for several months.

PCMag analyzed the ‘small and light’ hardware, the setup experience, the anti-malware protection and the pricing and found the BOX ‘remarkably powerful.’

Just by plugging in the Box to our network, we had the protection of an entire antivirus suite, at a lower cost and without the effort of installing software on every device,” the PCMag review reads.

The prestigious magazine praised BOX’s certified malware detection technology, as well as its ability to protect a plethora of connected devices – from laptops to black box IoT devices.

The BOX protects every device connected to your Wi-Fi network using a super-fast, cloud-based malware detection engine,” the review says. “This includes anyone who connects to the network, for however long they stay connected. If something untoward happens regarding any of the connected devices, Bitdefender will block the threat and send you a message through the app.”

The product is also very light on resources, doesn’t alter the web browsing speed or device performance and requires very little power resources.

All in all, Bitdefender BOX brings “a completely new paradigm in consumer security.”

Bitdefender has entered a new territory with the Box, and it’s a great first start, PCMag concluded.

Bitdefender BOX was launched in the US in April 2015 and has been reviewed by major publications. TIME Magazine wrote in a BOX review that Bitdefender may just be the hero the Internet of Things deserves, while The Journal said BOX shows Bitdefender has the right idea about smart-home security.

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