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Bitdefender Milestone in Social Media Presence

Global Bitdefender account on Facebook now followed by more than 100,000 fans

When climbing a mountain, as you pause to consider how far you’ve come and take in the beauty of the heights you’ve reached, you get a powerful sense of accomplishment. You understand what it took to get there and, rejuvenated, you resume your journey.


In social media, there are no solitary mountain climbers. There’s permanent interaction, there are relationships, connections and waves of emotion, both positive and negative. There’s always more than ONE main actor. My accomplishments are OUR accomplishments and my ascent is OUR ascent. The Bitdefender global Facebook account now has more than 100,000 friends: that’s OUR reason to be proud.

Not long ago, Bitdefender was reborn under the sign of the wolf.


We were overwhelmed by your positive reaction to what we see as the beginning of a new era for us. As the spirit of the dragon-wolf guides our steps on the path to excellence, we stand by our promise to do and be the best.


We’d like to thank you now for being part of our history, evolution and transformation. Your smart, imaginative and insightful contributions, whether during the Bitdefender Sweepstakes fun marathon or in the Daily Trivia or Did you know series, have helped bring together a strong and well informed community.

We count on your active “virtual” presence and invite you to send us your thoughts on how we can build a more meaningful and rewarding relationship with you.

For all 100, 000 of you about to rock (the world), WE SALUTE YOU!

About the author


Liviu Arsene is the proud owner of the secret to the fountain of never-ending energy. That's what's been helping him work his everything off as a passionate tech news editor for the past couple of years. He is the youngest and most restless member of the Bitdefender writer team and he covers mobile malware and security topics with fervor and a twist. His passions revolve around gadgets and technology, and he's always ready to write about what's hot and trendy out there in geek universe.