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Bitdefender Mobile Security Ready for Android 6

With Android 6.0 – known as Marshmallow to die-hard fans – rolling out on devices, Google has pushed some significant new features in terms of user experience and “under the hood” changes.

Bitdefender Mobile Security has been updated to reflect the new visual standards – material design – and fall in line with the two new permission groups. However, we’ve also added some new features, such as Bitdefender Central Integration and Webs Security with Google Chrome.

Bitdefender Central Integration

Although this is unrelated to the changes brought forward by Android Marshmallow, the new Bitdefender Mobile Security now features integration with Bitdefender Central security hub, which allows you to manage all your Bitdefender products from a single, unified interface.

This is probably one of the biggest changes in terms of unifying all Bitdefender products – regardless of which platform they were designed for – under a single management console from where users can easily view the security status of all their devices.

Bitdefender Mobile Security Ready for Android 6

Bitdefender Mobile Security Integration with Bitdefender Central

New Permissions Group

Since the “Normal” and “Dangerous” permission levels define whether an application is allowed to access data deemed at risk to users’ privacy, Bitdefender Mobile Security now offers explicit information as to why it requests some permissions when securing your device.

Bitdefender Mobile Security Ready for Android 6

Bitdefender Mobile Security Integration with New Android 6 Permission Groups

Besides being presented with the option to either “Allow” or “Deny” a particular permission, specific features in Bitdefender Mobile Security – Anti-Theft for instance – users are also presented with the option to never be reminded of the requested permission. Of course, this will mean they’ll have to enable the permission if they should ever need it, but at least they can do so on their own terms.

Activity/Information Cards

What’s more, the Material Design update also includes Cards (check screenshot below) to not only to add value to the displayed information, but to also fully explore the visual experience brought forward by Android 6.

Bitdefender Mobile Security Ready for Android 6

Bitdefender Mobile Security Anti-Theft Card

The Cards don’t always reflect the application’s intent to turn on various features, but also display important information, such as whether your device is safe, or when to start a new scan. Android 6 users will definitely appreciate the visual consistency offered by the new OS when applied to a security application.

Bitdefender Mobile Security Ready for Android 6

Top Developer

As an added bonus coming from Google towards our entire development team, Bitdefender has recently been awarded the “Top Developer” badge. These awards usually go to developers with a long history of quickly adhering to Google development guidelines, while also giving users an additional level of trust and confidence in the applications brought forward by the awarded developer.

Needless to say, we’re all pretty proud of what we’ve been able to achieve with the new Bitdefender Mobile Security and we strongly encourage everyone to give it a go, especially since it’s been revamped with the new Android 6 features.

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  • Having only 2 weeks ago moved from Apple IOS to my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Bitdefender Mobile Security, which is part Total Internet Security 2017 software license, I feel 100% safe with Bitdefender protecting what I may download and websites I visit. Great product and the support is outstanding.