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Bitdefender Products Ready to Embrace Windows 10

Update: The antivirus upgrade system built into Windows 10 won’t immediately check for a compatible version of the product. There is a three hour delay and this is not something we can control. You can either wait for Windows to poll for an update or you can point your browser to, download the version compatible with Windows 10 and install it manually. Please note that, if you install the product manually, you will be prompted to enter the license key again, so please make sure that you have it handy.

Microsoft will release what is touted to be the largest overhaul of the Windows operating system ever in less than one month. The Developer Preview builds made available to Windows Insider program members show plenty of visual features, but the most important novelties are packed under the hood.

It’s not just Microsoft that is hard at work tweaking the final bits to their newest and shiniest version of Windows. Here, at Bitdefender, we’re overhauling our existing line to ensure it works flawlessly with the new operating system so you can enjoy uninterrupted peace of mind.

What is new in Windows 10?

Beyond the obvious features, such as the re-introduction of the Start menu, new wallpaper and other visual tweaks, as well as a new browser to replace the now-defunct Internet Explorer, Microsoft has also modified its licensing policy. Windows 10 will be available as a free upgrade to all computers that run a genuine copy of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 and that meet the hardware requirements. This means that a massive chunk of the windows 7/8/8.1 user base will make the leap to Windows 10 come July 29th.

What has changed in Windows 10 security-wise?

For the enterprise, one of the most important features is the possibility to lock down devices and instruct them to only allow the installation of applications that are digitally signed with a either a Microsoft-provided certificate or a certificate that belongs to the company.

While this approach will somewhat limit the impact on enterprises that work with a minimal set of applications, consumers will have to face the same old digital challenges they have got used to in the past years. As the number of threats is abruptly increasing from one year to another, the use of a complementary antimalware solution is paramount.

But it’s not only Microsoft that has to evolve their products to meet the customers’ new requirements. Antimalware vendors will also have to redesign their products to properly interact with the new Windows 10 operating system.

Antimalware solution update required

Immediately after the upgrade from your old operating system has completed, your current antimalware product will likely be disabled if it is deemed incompatible with Windows 10. If your vendor has a version that is compatible, you will get a prompt asking you to upgrade the current security solution. Here is what to expect in case you are running a Bitdefender antimalware product, be it Bitdefender Antivirus, Bitdefender Internet Security or Bitdefender Total Security:


The transition will go smoothly, as your license key and account information does not get lost during the upgrade. It only takes one click and a couple of minutes to download and have the best security solution of the year up and running on your brand-new operating system.

About the author


Bogdan Botezatu is living his second childhood at Bitdefender as senior e-threat analyst. When he is not documenting sophisticated strains of malware or writing removal tools, he teaches extreme sports such as surfing the web without protection or rodeo with wild Trojan horses. He believes that most things in life can be beat with strong heuristics and that antimalware research is like working for a secret agency: you need to stay focused at all times, but you get all the glory when you catch the bad guys.


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  • I have windows inside preview of windows 10 build 10130. I clicked the upgrade button on the upgrader, nothing happened. Please advise

  • I am running Windows 10 already. How do I get the new Bitdefender version?
    I got a pop-up saying update, I clicked update, and nothing happened. The BD update button does nothing.

    • Hi i am concerned about this update from I.S. 2015 to a Win 10 upgrade. I had exactly the same experience as James above. I thought it was me having messed it up. Come on, i am concerned i may not be fully protected!

  • This news item is interesting, helpful and nicely written, although rather general and coming from an “in-house” source. Mr. Botezatu gives us an idea of what to expect from the WIN 10 roll-out and how to prepare for it with proper security from a trusted vendor.

    More important, of course, will be articles from unbiased sources that give us a comparative view of how the major security vendors’ products rate on computers running early versions of WIN 10. Those should come in time, and I hope we can expect to see them here. Meanwhile, this news from/about Bitdefender is encouraging and offers some peace-of-mind.

  • I wonder is Windows 10 safer more secure in and of itself than previous versions? if so, would BitDefender compliment this new security or conflict with it?

  • Trying to up date without success. As is suggested when Bitdefender popped up. Was this a suggestion after windows 10 arrives on July 29? OR why will it not download? I am trying to keep my computers up to date.

  • I would like to ask if I do have to wait to download your bitdefender opgrade to windows 10 until I have windows 10 installed or can I do your upgrade now already?

  • Thank you very much! I was contemplating the ins and outs of possibly having to get a different security product as well as the programs I’ll have to do without. I am looking forward to making the transition to Win 10 Pro with you. This is the best AVP I have ever used. Thanks again for staying on top of this dilemma.

  • Please advise what I can do to insure that Microsoft does not & can not ever install, “upgrade” or “update” (without my express permission) WINDOWS 10 on any computer I own? On two computers that were running WINDOWS 8 I had the unfortunate experience of having my operating system “upgraded”, totally without my permission, and in spite of actively refusing on multiple occasions to “upgrade, now” to WINDOWS 8.1.

    This is a terrible business practice and should have never happened: it may be their programming but it is still my computer with my choice of an operating system, and if I choose not to entertain their mistakes it should always be my choice, not that of Microsoft.

  • I am running Bitdefender Total Security 2015 Build 18.23.0:1604 on Windows 10 build 10240 – thought to be the RTM build – BD is running fine, but how do I tell if I have the latest BD build for Win10 as noted above in your article?

  • Is it possible to get this ‘compatible version’ now? I had to run without bit defender while running windows 10. Now that the final has been out for about two weeks, I want to grab this and install it.

  • In 7 hours Windows 10 becomes official and yet users on the official BitDefender forum are still being told that BitDefender is not officially compatible with Windows 10 yet. There are threads about installation problems and other issues related to Windows 10, and the responses from “Elite Poster” users are a repeat mantra of how BD won’t be supported for Windows 10 until Windows 10 becomes official.

    The clock is ticking and I’d like to know from an actual BitDefender staff member instead of a product evangelist user on your forum – can you provide some feedback on this?

    • Hello, Dave. The Bitdefender line-up is fully compatible with Windows 10. no matter what Bitdefender solution you are running (Antivirus, Internet Security or Total Security), you can use it on your Windows 10 machine.

  • Just updated to Windows 10 every application and program transitioned just fine, EXCEPT Bitdefender (internet security 2015). Bitdefender was no where to be found and certainly not running on the system. Rebooted and kept waiting for some kind of prompt from Bitdefender to upgrade, NEVER came.

    Here is what i did instead.

    1: Open your downloads file, if you still have the Bitdefender app file in there open it, (if not best guess probably reinstall from the website)

    2: The install application did NOT run because it detected that bitdefender was already installed on this machine, that’s when it should give you the option to uninstall current version and reinstall the Windows 10 compatible version.

    3: Make sure you choose the grey option to uninstall not the blue repair option. ( I don’t know what the repair button will do, i choose uninstall)

    4: Rebooted and then the newer or Windows 10 compatible version started installation automatically,

    5: Will ask for product key just click “use existing product key and license

    Finally it’s reinstalled and running PSYCH!!! The firewall is now blocking my router and internet connection

    Here is how i fixed that

    1: Make sure Bitdefender firewall is turned on (problaly already is if your internet is not working)
    2: Go firewall setting, go to adapters, find your router
    3: change network type to TRUSTED, change stealth mode to OFF (this was critical for me) and change generic to off.

    Pretty disappointed in Bitdefender tonight especially sense they gave the impression that this transition had been worked on and was going to be pretty simple for the user.

  • Thank you for this article! I just upgraded to Windows 10 and upon launching it Bitdefender was completely gone. How do I run the upgrader? Is it a separate file somewhere?

    • Hello, Sunny.

      Windows won’t check for a compatible version immediately and there is nothing we can do about this. It takes approximately three hours for Windows to check for a compatible version, so you can either wait for Windows to perform an automated check or you can download and install the product manually.

  • I had Bitdefender Total security, and this didn’t happen. the windows 10 upgrade completely removed it from my laptop, I could only find it listed to uninstall in the programmes list; it wasn’t in the ‘app’ section and no longer on my desktop, I reinstalled it, and was prompted to uninstall the ‘previous’ version at that point it gave me the option to remove or repair; I chose repair and after a while it solved and continued working… I think. I had to update and restart my laptop again but it seems to be fine.

    • Sure, the license key you have is valid for the Windows 10 version of the product as well. You can use it at no extra cost until it expires.

      • I installed your 2016 beta on 2 Win 10 and 1 Mac Yosemite machines. All my valid licenses disappeared, and the keys are deemed invalid. How do I regain my more than a year left on my coverage?

  • I downloaded and installed win 10 pro, but still the BD total security won’t update. what shall I do?

    • The antivirus upgrade system built into Windows 10 won’t immediately upgrade the antivirus. There is a three hour delay and this is not something we can control. You can either wait for Windows to poll for an update or you can point your browser to, download the version compatible with Windows 10 and install it manually. Please note that, if you install the product manually, you will be prompted to enter the license key again, so please make sure that you have it handy.

  • I just upgraded to Win 10 Pro and my bitdefender total security does not work. I tried to uninstall and it gives me an error. Tried to re-install and gives me an error because it tries to uninstall the old version first? How can I fix this?

    • Hello, Wesley.

      Do you have administrative privileges on the respective computer? Please point your browser to and download the Bitdefender Uninstall Tool. Run it and uninstall the product, and then download the new version and re-install it. Let me know if this worked for you. If you somehow encounter issues withe the uninstall procedure, I would happily patch you through to our support team to help you with this.


      • I received the update notification, but whenever I start it says error and the process can’t be done.

  • Nothing of the above thing happened with me,
    I installed win 10 pro, but BD total security still didn’t work…
    What am I supposed to do?

    • Hello, Ashraf.

      I’m going to re-post the answer to a similar comment we had before:

      The antivirus upgrade system built into Windows 10 won’t immediately upgrade the antivirus. There is a three hour delay and this is not something we can control. You can either wait for Windows to poll for an update or you can point your browser to, download the version compatible with Windows 10 and install it manually. Please note that, if you install the product manually, you will be prompted to enter the license key again, so please make sure that you have it handy.

  • Similar issue here. I just updated from windows 8.1 (running bitdefender) to windows 10 and bitdefender was removed and windows defender is running as the system antivirus. Searching the laptop for bitdefender finds no application.

  • I uninstalled and then reinstalled internet security 2015 right after the windows 10 update last night, (did not wait or know about the 3 hour waiting period) bitdefender is up and running and updating just fine. But this morning I got a notification about a newer version. If Bitdefender is already up and running, should I still upgrade again, or was that notification just delayed from the previous install?

  • updat started and crashed at 98% download, is there a way to start the upgrader tool again?

  • Windows 10 also removed Bitdefender from my list of available applications. My only option was to uninstall and reinstall Bitdefender. This completed without incidence. However, the on access scanning section in Antivirus only allows custom settings.

  • Same goes for me. tryed updating reinstalling etc but nothing worked. I can not find the download for the version compatible with Windows 10. could you please gif a link. So i can do it manualy.

    • Hi there, Hans!

      Please take a look at this knowledge base article:

      It walks you through all the necessary stels, from downloading to installing a compatible version.

  • I am loving windows 10, but bit defender doesn’t even show up. I had to do a deep dig into my files, and even then it would crash the second that it was opened. The pop-up for the upgrade did show up today, but it too crashed the second I tried to actually use it.

    I need help figuring this out, because I truly need to have something on my computer..

    • You really have to be extremely careful, in upgrading any programs including Adobe Acrobat Reader.

      You can go to your C:/Program files and see if any -other- anti-virus program is there.
      *IF* there
      go to CONTROL PANEL>Programs>click any-other anti-virus programs>click uninstall.
      *IF* NO GO, [it REFUSES to be UNINSTALLED]
      buy PERFECT UNINSTALLER~$40 or the equivalent program and do a FORCED UNINSTALL of any UN-WANTED Programs.
      *IF* this fails, contact BITFENDER directly, HP SmartFriends and get them to do the UNinstalling for you.

  • Bogdan when I tried your link for Internet security both the 32bit and the 64bit versions don’t work for me I have a 64 bit computer but none of the options allow me to install it

    The Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 installation kit can be downloaded from one of the 2 locations:
    – 32bit:
    – 64bit:

  • Hi Bogdan,
    It looks like you could have a few busy days ahead. I installed windows v10 just now and bitdefender got removed…no prior warning. I will wait the three hours to see what happens.
    It would have been nice to have been forewarned by Bitdefender that this would happen as some people need their pcs working asap with full security.


  • I am in the same situation as Kimberly -but I am not good at this – I have found the files but nothing works – no pop up or anything yet.

  • Hello guys, I have reinstall manually BD total sec 2015 on my Windows 10 laptop. But after I installed it it requires the activation key. Where do I find my activation key. If I go on my bitdefender account I don’t find it as well or neither on the email. What can I do?

  • I thought Bitdefender had been removed after my upgrade to Win 10 as the windows firewall was turned on and windows defender was running. But after a couple of hours I received a message in a popup window asking did I want to install Bitdefender for windows10.
    Its now installed and working fine so just be patient.

  • This was so frustrating. Uninstall win 8 compatible version inorder to install the win 10 one. Um ok. Click click click through the bitdefender instructions and get what? Nothing. No download of new version, just an antivirus free pc. So frustrating. Got it to work. But should not be like this. I should not have to come to your damn support page to do this.

  • I am not tech savvy as most but I get by if the info is comprehendible. I am 60 years old… love my computer… love Bitdefender – but I never received the Bitdefender Upgrader! Windows10 was loaded onto my computer last night [8/1/15] but my Bitdefender Antivirus program has been replaced by Windows10 Security System. Do I need to delete/upload Bitdefender software? What’s a girl to do??? Please advise.

  • Bitdefender download page does not contain a Windows 10 version of Bitdefender Total Security 2015. I upgraded my PC two days ago and have yet to see the Bitdefender Upgraded pop up. Bitdefender is no longer on my PC and when I log in to My Bitdefender, my PC is shown as a Windows 7 machine.

  • addendum to my comment above: My Windows notification center (right end of task bar) just added the note that a new version of Bitdefender was available. If the popup doesn’t show, check your Windows notifications from time to time.

  • I upgraded two computers to Windows 10 today. Both received a notice to update Bitdefender after a few hours. The first computer went smoothly with uninstalling the old version and installing the new one successfully. The second one was ok with uninstalling, but Windows blocked the installing because “the app is a 2014 version” (?). Luckily, I went to the link that Bogdan provided above and finished the installation of the 2015 version. Here’s the link again.

  • Hi Guys, i have recently installed windows 10, Windows defender comes pre installed and active on 1st start, however i have tried installing Bitdefender 2015 TS on my system and i don’t think its compatible with windows 10 as it causes a blue screen with a sad :( on it. i then have to get windows to boot into safe mode and uninstall it , then only can my windows boot up again. please let me know if others are experiencing the same issues.

  • Hello! I have an Windows 10 Pro x64 and I have really big problem with Bitdefender Total Security 2015.
    After clean instalation of system and all drivers as usual I’m installing antyvirus – but during instalation there is a problem – I’ve got an “Bluescreen” with error “CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED” – and any way to get to the system is recover system to initial state.
    Anyway to solve this problem?

  • Microsoft’s website (Windows 10 – How-to – Install, upgrade, and activate) says “Some apps need to be uninstalled…” Do I need to uninstall my antivirus (BD can’t be disabled)?

    I have been trying to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for two days, tried upgrading three times now, both from Windows update and from an iso file on a disk. Each time, the installation is (apparently) successful, but upon login a page is displayed that looks like Windows 7 desktop (except my Bitdefender has been removed), but only for a few seconds, followed by a black screen, with nothing working. I was instructed to wait a long time at this point, which I have done, up to ten hours, but there has never been any change. CTRL-ALT-DEL, Task Manager, Performance, shows there is disk and CPU activity for about 20 minutes, then no activity. So I have reverted back to Windows 7, twice now, and deleted a lot of programs, but still the install completes successfully and black screen shortly after login.
    Unfortunately, a clean install is not possible, because I don’t want to lose Microsoft Office, obtained via a one-time download from Microsoft. I’m not going through the upgrade process again until something changes.

  • Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 is not compatible with Windows 10 upgrades. I’ve had complaints and problems. Here are the issues which need to be addressed before we’ll continue with BitDefender as an A/V product for customers:

    * On 3 of 3 machines that I upgraded to Windows 10, BitDefender needed to be uninstalled with the downloadable uninstall tool (the regular uninstall wasn’t enough) and reinstalled. That’s a 100% failure rate. However, it did recognize the license once I got it installed.

    * On 1 machine that was left off for a weekend, the BitDefender firewall stopped letting the computer talk to the router. I’ve had to enable Windows Firewall on that machine to get internet. We will have to move to another A/V product on that PC.

    In all, I’ve wasted about 2-3 hours supporting what I used to believe was an excellent product. I’m quite disappointed that their QA failed so miserably.

  • Use add and remove programs on Bitdefender and ensure that you reinstall. It’ll ask you to fully remove that version and restart but all will be ok as it is ready to be re-installed on your restart. If you can’t find your code ask it to search the pc for it. Later, with me about 1/2 hour Bitdefender asked to be updated for Win 10 and I downloaded this and all was fine and working. Later that day turning on the pc I had no internet connection and after doing a diagnostic I was being told that the DNS was not responding. I used all known methods of sorting this issue and got things working for about 30 seconds only for the fault to re-occur. I realised that it was, lo and behold, Bitdefender. I disabled it and guess, connection was re-made and permanent. Bitdefender haven’t got it right yet, I’m doing some more research into this and I think their firewall is part to blame

  • Did the free upgrade from windows 7 to 10 Sunday 8-2-15. Worked great but no Bitdefender, then the update needed popped up. Started and said to restart to finish. After restart Bam, stuck on Windows 10 blue screen with circling dots. Let it sit over night on that stupid screen. After wasting 2 days with researching, trying every possible way to get 10 unstuck, and letting the computer sit on that stupid screen praying I didn’t loose everything. I was left with the only option of going back to windows 7or loose all I had and start from scratch, not a option for me, so now back on 7. Now if or when going back to 10 I’m very afraid to take Bitdefender with me.

  • Hi, there,
    I updated to win 10 today and BD was gone (even after 6 hours).
    Solution found:
    Go to ”programs and ”stuff”” in Control Panel
    Select Bit Defender (it is still in the list of installed programs)
    Click on ”Uninstall”
    You will get two options:
    1. Repair
    2. Uninstall
    Select Repair
    BD is repairing (reinstalling).
    Restart if requested.
    Now works fine.
    Thanks BD! Great product!

  • I have upgraded from an ISO file without any problems and made a repair installation of Bidefender AV 2016 Plus. The update from Bitdefender came and was installed, but a sign from Windows pop up telling me to activate Bitdefender or MS Defender. I don’t how to tell Windows that Bitdefender is up and running so I had to activate MS Defender. Not the best solution.


  • This is a bit strange. I think it’s been couple of days since I have got this message: multiple issues are affecting the security of this PC. But when I open Bitdefender I have that message: you are protected, the system is safe.
    Is it beacuse of the recent updates of my Win10 or due to my subscription expires within next 3days?
    Another thing that makes me to think I should hold a bit with the renewal is that I have been notifying quite often about some incompatibility wih Windows Defender.
    I have to admit I don’t feel like BitDef is fully ready to work under Win10. Are you working on similar problems?


  • I bought bit defender compatible with windows xp, vista, 7 and 8. I had windows 10. I figured it would work with proper compatibility settings for those previous. It does not. Now i hear an upgrade works for windows 10. I dont have that. How do i get it?

  • I'm not sure but since my computer did the latest windows 10 upgrade it shows that my internet wifi is connected but when I go to the internet it wont work. Two days without internet at home… I know its not the wifi as I have a tablet and phone which works.. Laptop doesn't what can I do? Help..Need to get laptop online

    • I had that problem as well on my desktop.. I was getting messages indicating there was a bad cable between my modem and PC. It turned out to be a problem with ip configuration. I am still on Dell warranty so a tech downloaded new config and it seems OK now