BitDefender safego Infographic Out and About

A cool overview of the social network scam& spam landscape is in town and it

A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, we’re about to take this nice piece of wisdom (cliché perfumed though it is) to the next level. There we go: a picture with just enough words on top will speak volumes :-).

Meet the prodigious (and playful) BitDefender safego infographic that’s bound to give you some food for your thoughts if you’re a social media observer and/or participant.

We’ve got details on the types of baits used in scams, plus the most common spam words and phrases, a true dictionary of social network malice. A separate section is dedicated to a spam wave case study that will give you an idea about tricky apps' spreading mechanisms and potential click counts. What else is there? Top 5 Busiest Scam Clicking countries (place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!)…. and a nice overview of the "likejacking" phenomenon.

You can also see the infographic as Slideshare presentation or Image .

BitDefender safego is a free BitDefender tool designed to protect social network accounts from privacy risks, e-threats and spam.


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