BitDefender safego: the new online socialites

The increasing popularity of social networks has caused them to become the target of complex social engineering schemes, aggressive spam and massive malware distribution.

 Using shortened URLs is now a must as data pours out of countless sources and “make it short to spread it fast” seems to have become an imperative.

These two elements make for a potentially explosive combination on social network platforms as, with shortened URLs, you never know what you get. Will it be the most hilarious video ever or a nice piece of malware that’s bound to ruin your day, to say the least? That’s where BitDefender safego steps in. It’s a tool that has a nose (i.e. scanning capability) for nasty e-tricks, plus an eye for personal information exposure.

This BitDefender application is designed to protect online community members from different types of e-threats and from spam. It automatically checks your information feeds (Facebook® Wall and News Feed) for spam messages and links to sites containing malware. BitDefender safego will post comments to the scanned messages/posts that are likely to pose any security risk.


SafeGo Screenshot

Fig.1 The application’s funky interface


Once, installed, BitDefender safego protects the respective account 24/7. However, for those of you who are curious about whether it actually works or about what exactly is happening in your account at a specific point in time, the application features a cute red button that says Scan now and which does precisely that: it helps you double-check.

In the Infected Items section of the interface, you get a list of detected threats and a Delete button that helps you get rid of those pests easily.

BitDefender safegoalso includes a privacy protection feature which warns you in case your public profile contains private data that can be accessed freely by persons who are not among your Facebook® contacts. A list of categories of such vulnerable private information is displayed in the Privacy section of the interface so that you can adjust your profile’s privacy settings accordingly.

For the moment, BitDefender safego is available for beta testing on Facebook® only.

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P.S: On a little Latin gossipy note, here’s a hint as to what the name of the application means: EGO SALVUS SUM .

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