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Bitdefender Tech Assist Client Worried about Missing Cat Darlene

Our Tech Assist colleagues are ready to help you fix the toughest tech issues. But sometimes, they are ready to solve even more troubling day-to-day problems, such as losing a cat. Here’s a conversation between Bitdefender Technical Support Expert Cristina Nica and a client who was worried about his cat Darlene.

Bitdefender Tech Assist Client Worried about Missing Cat Darlene

Fred: Hello, hello? Do you hear me? Fred talking here.

Cristina: Hi Fred! Welcome to Bitdefender Tech Assist! I am Cristina.

Fred: Hello! I lost my cat… Darlene is gone.

Cristina: I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you find Darlene soon. When did you lose her? Have you tried putting out flyers with her picture?

Bitdefender Tech Assist Client Worried about Missing Cat Darlene

Fred: A few days ago. She was playing in the backyard. Just took a nap and never saw her again. Where can I report her lost?

Cristina: You can try the fire station, however I doubt that they will help. Better yet, ask your neighbors for help.

Fred: I can’t rely on my neighbors, they hate my cat. Can I report it to the police?

Cristina: Well, as a cat-person I completely understand. No worries, usually cats find their way back home. And I doubt the police will put too much effort in a lost cat.

Fred: She’s a beautiful Persian cat. And my wife is grieving for her.

Cristina: Completely understandable…

Fred: I gave it to her as birthday present – that’s why Darlene is so important.

Cristina: You can check this out:

Fred: Maybe I’ll put a reward for anyone who can find her.

Cristina: That could help too.

Fred: Thanks for your patience, Cristina…

Cristina: No worries, Fred. I truly hope you find Darlene.

Fred: I didn’t know what to do… hopeless.

Cristina: Well, best of luck finding her and do not panic. Hopefully, everything will turn out OK.

Fred: OK.

Cristina: Bye-bye, Fred!

Fred: Bye!

Tech Assist was launched in October 2013 as a live service that dispatches one of the company’s elite engineers to solve tricky, annoying or dangerous computer problems.

Bitdefender Tech Assist helps users make things work smoothly by saving time and energy and helping them enjoy their computer to the maximum. After users select the service they need, Bitdefender experts do all the work through a remote, hyper-secure connection.

A Bitdefender study last October showed that almost half of experienced computer users in North America regard system sluggishness as their top annoyance. This lack of performance usually arises from issues that could be resolved by one of the Tech Assist’s four service areas – PC Optimizer, System Repair, the Virus Exterminator and SetUp.

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