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Bitdefender’s Pick. 5 Geeky Gadgets You’d Love

What is Bitdefender’s Pick?
We might be a security company, but our interests spin way beyond creating virus signatures and identifying new malware. We also keep our eyes peeled for new gadgets and innovative technologies. You’ll simply love our pick! 


1. You’ve been sitting on that chair too long! Take a fitness trainer with you everywhere.

Your flesh and blood fitness trainer can’t prompt you to take a walk when you’re inactive for too long or put you to sleep when things go crazy for a couple of nights in a row. But a fitness trainer 24/7 that comes in the form of a fashionable piece of jewelry can. Some of the best fitness bracelets we’ve come upon include Fitbit Flex, Misfit Wearables Shine, Basis B1, and Jawbone UP.

2. Make lights blink with your pen-drawn circuit board

If you were an electronics aficionado back in the 90s, you have probably prototyped at least a battery-powered radio or an LED circuit. Now you can do all that with just a pen. Known as Circuit Scribe, the gadget is an innovative combination between a pen and magic ink that lets you draw the circuitry on any surface, from paper to wood or tile. So no more cables stretched all across the table, poor soldering and so on.

3. Build your own PC. The Lego way.

Enjoy getting your hands dirty? Got electronics skills? Try TinkerForge and make your own super computer in no time. TinkerForge gives you “bricklets” or mini electronic modules such as sensors and motors that you can assemble on a motherboard and create your own Franken-gadget. It can be used in a wide range of industries, from education to enterprise prototyping.

4. A crowd-weather station in your umbrella?

Tech affects even the most mundane activities these days, including a walk in the rain. The smart umbrella developed by the folks at the Delft University of Technology collects rainfall data and sends it via Bluetooth to a computer or mobile phone. The acquired data can then be passed along to the local hydrologic center and used to improve the understanding of urban hydrology and predict, for instance, urban flooding. Your stroll in the rain may turn into scientific research.

5. See everything

Forget smartphones and tablets – Google Glass concludes the list of gadgets you could not live without once you give it a spin. This fresh-out-of-the-oven innovation promises to deliver what humanity has only dared to dream about for millennia: knowledge in the blink of an eye. Google Glasses can do whatever your smartphone can, and then some, without putting you through the inconvenience of wielding a tablet on the bus. Avoiding traffic as you cross the street might prove challenging, though.

These gadgets are palpable technologies that sit beautifully on your wrist or your nose but, taken as a whole, they are a glimpse of the future. And the sooner we get familiarized with them, the better prepared we are to embrace what’s to come.

Image Credit: 1. Jawbone, 2. CircuitScribe, 3. TinkerForge

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