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Brand New Online Marketplace Fails Security Test

A new auction website in New Zealand was taken down two days after its launch when IT professionals deemed it unsafe. proved to lack consistent security policies and needed to postpone its activities until it properly addressed the multitude of “unforeseen technical problems.”

Shortly after its launch, some wheedle visitors noticed and complained about how the password reset system was sending secret check words in plaintext in emails, while other account owners received multiple password-related emails which raised suspicions that a third party had illegally access to the software destined to send password reminders.

On top of that, there have been allegations with respect to users’ being able to see and edit prices on someone else’s auction in a public sale on the website.

People have every right to be concerned about the safety of their identity and money especially with a popular service. Carl Rees, Wheedle general manager, told NBR ONLINE that “according to Google Analytics, from launch October 1 to this morning we have had 79,800 individual hits to the site and over 1 million page views” which makes popular.

Launching a product or service should not happen without a thorough security check beforehand. People’s identity and money are not to be taken lightly and companies need to make sure they anticipate and handle as many security flaws as possible before having customers share private data.

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