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Careless Employees, Inefficient Measures Leave Companies Vulnerable to Data Breaches

Companies are not yet ready to take on security vulnerabilities and attacks prompted by careless employees, the Ponemon Institute reports. After interviewing more than 600 company representatives, the study analyzed the efficiency of security training within enterprises and whether they can manage potential data breaches caused by irresponsible workers.

Although little over 50% of the companies reviewed reported similar incidents in the past, C-level executives are not as concerned about training employees on data security risks, while less than half of the companies organize regular mandatory training, the study reveals.

With an increase in malware threats, companies are encouraged to develop solid security solutions and thorough training programs to teach their employees how to work with company devices and infrastructure. In spite of researchers’ advice, companies are not yet moving forward with adequate security measures and remain oblivious to vulnerabilities and risks.

The Ponemon Institute reveals companies haven’t yet implemented an incentives plan to encourage employees to safeguard proprietary information and announce security threats when discovered, while a third have no procedures to address malicious employees.

To avoid data breaches and protect their confidential information, companies have to train employees to avoid opening suspicious emails and attachments, install and regularly update their security software, beware of dubious URLs and plugins, and immediately report any sign of suspicious activity.

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