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Casino Websites under Cyber-Attack

The FBI and Secret Services are investigating cyber-attacks that brought down the websites of Sand’s Hotels and Casinos in US and Asia, including the famous Venetian and Palazzo in Las Vegas.

“While we have been able to confirm that certain core operating systems were not impacted by the hacking, the company remains focused on working through a step-by-step process to ascertain what, if any, additional systems may have been impacted,” said Ron Reese spokesman for Sands, the the main casino operator in the United States, China and Singapore.

Image credit: Sands

The websites remained down for days after the attacks, writes the Las Vegas Sun. It started Monday morning when hackers took control of the Sands email servers and posted online e-mail addresses and social security numbers of some employees.

Hackers also displayed messages against weapons of mass destruction, along with photos of Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Nevada State Gaming Control Board is also investigating the attacks.

Currently the webpages are displaying a down for maintenance message and provide phone numbers for guests who require immediate assistance. Reservations can also be made through third-party sites.

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