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China Criticizes US Cyber Spy Allegations

Beijing authorities comment on the US report that accuses the Chinese military of cyber espionage. The Communist Party representatives expressed “firm opposition” to the document, saying it misrepresents China’s development in the field.

“China’s justified and normal military development”  had been unjustly criticized in the U.S. in irresponsible remarks, said Hong Lei, a Foreign Ministry spokesman.

“So long as a country is not hostile to China, it will show no doubt or worry over such development.”

The spokesman also said China’s military development is designed exclusively to safeguard the country’s independence, and doesn’t target any other state.

The US Defense Department issued the annual report “Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China” a couple of days ago. The document made waves in China by saying it represents a growing threat to US economic security, as the world’s number one cyber spy.

“Authoritative writings and China’s persistent cyber intrusions indicates the likelihood that Beijing is using cyber network operations (CNOs) as a tool to collect strategic intelligence,”  the Pentagon report read. “Chinese actors are the world’s most active and persistent perpetrators of economic espionage.”

The US document also pointed to data theft and intellectual property infringements. According to the report, the main source for cyber-intrusions and data theft in 2011 was China.

The report is the latest in a series of US military releases that highlight concerns with China’s long-term military modernization efforts.

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