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China Wants Development of Branded Mobile OS to Rid of Android

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published a whitepaper arguing that local mobile companies should start focusing on developing an independent mobile operating system to escape dependency on Google’s Android.

China Wants Development of Branded Mobile OS to Rid of AndroidRecognizing that a new mobile OS might not compete with Apple, Google or Microsoft in terms of technical know-how, the document strongly encourages local mobile developers and manufacturers to tackle the endeavor.

Emphasizing that Android is becoming increasingly vulnerable to attacks, the emergence of a Chinese-branded mobile OS would greatly benefit both users and companies.

Although Google clearly stated that Android is an open source platform and that everyone can customize an entirely new user experience, the white paper condemns Google for not always sharing code in a timely manner and for sometimes interfering in the development of various Android builds.

“Android is an open source mobile platform freely available to everyone,” said a Google spokesperson. “It is available in its entirety at, allowing device manufacturers to customize and offer new user experiences, driving innovation and consumer choice.”

Taking over 86 percent of the local Chinese smartphone market share, China is beginning to express concerns over dependence on the technology of a foreign country. Much in the same way the US denied Huawei some government contracts, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is trying to encourage the development of new software and hardware independent of foreign influence.

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