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Chinese PCs with Pirated Windows Have Security Bugs, Says Microsoft

Chinese PCs running pirated Windows still have security vulnerabilities, according to Microsoft. The software giant launched a new campaign against piracy and warned users of security dangers they face when installing counterfeit products.

Chinese PCs with Pirated Windows Have Security Bugs, Says Microsoft “What we are finding is that increasingly cybercriminals are targeting both businesses and consumers right here in China,” said Nick Psyhogeos, vice president of Microsoft’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) business solutions group, as quoted by Computer World.

“Counterfeiters have pitched this story to consumers that software piracy or pirated products themselves don’t cost anything, they’re free. They’ve also pitched the story that it works just fine, it’s good enough. Neither of those statements are accurate.”

In September, the company announced it bought 169 PCs from China and discovered 91 per cent contained malware or deliberate security vulnerabilities. The investigation codenamed “Operation b70” also revealed the brand new computers had pirated versions of Windows. Some of the machines were bundled with “Nitol,” a type of malware that remotely logged keystrokes and spied on users through their webcams.

China’s illegal software market was valued at close to $9 billion in 2011, while the legal market was valued at $2.7 billion, according to a study by the Business Software Alliance.

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