CityDetective Contest: How does Win32.Worm.Zimuse.A affect your computer?

We have a new contest in the city, this time you have to be the best detective! 26 January - 1 February 2010.

Are you a good CITY DETECTIVE?An important piece of information needs to be uncovered.
We are hoping that you, the best detective, will search and find this precious information and deliver it to us.
In return to that, we will offer you a 1-year BitDefender Internet Security 2010 license for your protection. There are many detectives out there, the chosen ones will win!

Can you find the answer?

What you have to do:

    1. Read the following question carefully: How does Win32.Worm.Zimuse.A affect your computer?
    2. Read the article about Win32.Worm.Zimuse.A .
    3. Find out the answer and fill out the form by clicking on:
      Answer Now!
    4. Wait till the contest ends, you could be the winner!

The contest starts on 26 January 2010 and ends on 1st February 2010. There are 2 BitDefender Internet Security licenses for 1 year in the game this week. Winners will be chosen randomly from those who responded correctly.

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And the Winners Are:


2. Jancso Iuliana

The right answer was:

Win32.Worm.Zimuse.A combines the destructive behavior of a virus with the spreading mechanisms of a worm. There are two known variants of this virus, which enters the computer as a harmless IQ test.

Once executed, the worm creates between seven and eleven copies of itself (depending on the variant) in critical areas of the Windows system.

Win32.Worm.Zimuse.A is an extremely dangerous piece of malware. Unlike average worms, Win32.Worm.Zimuse.A could lead to severe data loss as it overwrites the first 50 KB of the Master Boot Record – a key zone of the hard disk drive.

Thank You All for Participating, and stay tuned for another great contest this week!

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