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Cloudminr Hacked; Credentials of 80,000 Users for Sale , which The Cloud Mining Directory says may be the world’s largest Bitcoin mining operation, has been hacked. Almost 80,000 user credentials are allegedly on sale for only 1 Bitcoin.

Last week, attackers broke into servers of the Norwegian-hosted platform and grabbed the site’s database, which includes thousands of unencrypted usernames, email addresses and passwords.

“What we can tell now is that we have been hacked, and the hackers were able to access our source code and database, as well as editing it,” the company said on “Right now we cannot be sure that the payout addresses are the correct ones, as well as emails and other data. We do have backups but we need to know when exactly when the hackers gained access to our server.”

A sample of the database was posted to the Norwegian company’s website, while other copies were posted to online clipboards such as Pastebin.

The risks

Using social engineering tricks, any attacker can recover passwords to users’ digital wallets and empty their accounts. This may translate into significant financial losses, since the company allegedly attracted 11,000 customers in its first month of existence, according to the Cloud Mining Directory.

An impressive number of Bitcoin miners, despite bad reviews.

“ is considered a Ponzi scheme until they re-launch their website and re-initiate payments,” The Cloud Mining Directory says in their analysis of the company.

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