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Coincidence or Not, Sony PlayStation Hit by DDoS and CEO’s Plane under Bomb Threat

Sony suffered a denial-of-service attack that rendered the PSN network unavailable for a short period of time, according to a Twitter announcement.

“We are under attack by a large scale ddos. Being dealt with but it will impact games until it’s handled,” John Smedley, CEO of Sony’s online entertainment division, tweeted.

In a recent blog update, the company confirmed the “artificial high traffic” flooding and added: “we have seen no evidence of any intrusion to the network and no evidence of any unauthorized access to users’ personal information.”

Two hackers calling themselves Lizard Squad and Famed God took responsibility for the attack and warned about the company’s poor security through a series of Twitter messages, including one that offered to publicly release the tool used to disturb the PSN network.

Coincidently or not, shortly after the incident, the American Airlines plane in which John Smedley was travelling was rerouted due to a fake bomb threat. John Smedley confirmed the alert on his Twitter account. “Yes. My plane was diverted. Not going to discuss more than that. Justice will find these guys.”

EVE Online and Guild Wars 2 forums may have been also affected, as users started to complain about login issues during the same timeframe.

Sony PlayStation Hit by DDoS and CEO’s Plane under Bomb Threat

The PSN network, which has around 110 million registered users, is now back online.

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