Early Christmas Shopping Spam Frenzy

A possible useful suggestion, as long as you don

Admit it – is not such a bad idea to start
buying Christmas presents mid-October. Besides sparing your energy during the
“race” of winter holidays, it might just give you the chance to actually find
“the perfect gift” your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, mother, father,
daughter, son and significant others wish so badly (and which, otherwise, you
might just miss it on Christmas Eve).


I guess this suggestion is the only credit
of the new spam wave. Apart from that, is nothing more than just another lousy wave
of junk e-mail, using a text-based template and a hyperlink, as you can see in
the following screenshots:


Xmas Shopping


Lousy and cheap, because it advertises replica
watches and jewelry, you could buy online while “enjoying massive savings and
discounts” as it purports another spam:


Xmas Shopping Spam



With my fingers crossed, I followed the
hyperlinks towards the two sites with odd names. Both redirected me to the same
“blingalicious” King Replica Web site that popped out in my face (browser) as you
can see below:

Xmass Shopping Spam 3

If you thought for even a fraction of a
billion of a second that you could buy a tacky Tiffany’s replica necklace for
your girlfriend, JUST FORGET IT.
Why? Try to find out all by yourself, by answering the following (not so
tricky) questionnaire:


1. Why would you like to buy something from
a Web site you discovered in a bulk e-mail? (Would you also buy a house
advertised in a junk e-mail?)


2. Why would you like to hand (on a silver
plate) your credit card number to the guys behind a “classic” fraudulent Web
site? (Are your mum & dad gazillionaires?)


3. Why would you like to purchase something
from someone who says: “We offer no warranties for any or the products sold by
orders originating on this website these items are indeed great quality, but
strictly for novelty purposes on”? (Are you also thinking to purchase a car
with no warranty?)


4. Why would you like not to buy the
original? (If you are ready to empty your credit card, why not doing it at the
genuine Tiffany & Co.?)


5. Why would you like to purchase a cheap
imitation with an exorbitant price instead? (Would you also pay $ 499,99 for a
poster reproducing a Picasso?)


6. Why would you like to think that she won’t
notice the necklace is counterfeit? (Do you think your girlfriend is so dumb?)


7. Why would you like to think that
something expensive will impress her? (What on earth have you done, dude, if
some fresh, blood colored roses won’t bring you forgiveness?)


I hope you got it!


P.S.: If you ask me, instead of that cheap (actually
way too expensive) flashy imitation I’d get her Capote’s novel. Or the classic
movie, with Audrey Hepburn. So that we keep ourselves within the same Tiffany’s

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