Echo, echo

Scammers rush to fill void left by the genuine Scarlett Johansson nude photos leaked (then removed) not so long ago with

Tabloids are scammers’ best friend(s). The recent rush set off by the actress’ stolen nude photos, presumably halted by the prospect of a certain federal bureau’s direct involvement in the investigations, now has a sequel.

Witness the fitness and nerve of this scammy post! We’ve got a cocktail of baits so, if the thought of catching a glimpse of the photos is not that appealing to you, here’s a nice alternative: free iPad 2, free iPhone4, free Laptop….free [whatever-gadget-you’ve-been-dreaming-of]. 

Either way, one curious click will take you here:

If you’re the persistent type, a second click will definitely follow. Patience is a virtue and so you’ll then be made to prove that you’ve got plenty:

Once the “click&share” frenzy is over, you’ll end up having a déjà vu as the scammy post you started from will appear on your own wall. Round goes the scam circle! Ah, let’s not forget that you WILL NOT see any photos …nude or otherwise.

To add diversity to this scandalous affair, the site hosting this thing of beauty is home to another hot trick starring Justin Bieber:


As always, it’s better to avoid clicking links apparently leading to scandal-heavy content.

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Stay safe and click wisely!

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