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‘Facebook at Work’ Could Increase Security Risks

The ‘Facebook at Work’ project could raise even more security and privacy issues than the regular social network, according to Bitdefender security experts. The antivirus software specialists warn of the numerous scams that could flood the new project if the company neglects thorough security measures.

As Facebook allegedly crafts an office-dedicated social network, Bitdefender warns about e-threats that could move from the old web site to the new one, with further financial implications.

‘Facebook at Work’ Could Increase Security Risks“Facebook at Work” would look very much like the existing Facebook, but would compete with LinkedIn, according to Gizmodo. The new social platform would allow employees to chat with each other, connect with professional contacts, work on documents together and share files.

Though the idea might prove a serious menace to LinkedIn, Facebook should also implement security measures, scrutinizing apps and timelines from dangerous third parties.

With so many employees in one place, “Facebook at Work” could become a gold mine not only for advertisers, but also for scammers and cyber-criminals. Social engineering, IRC malware such as Dorkbot, and viral videos preying on users’ curiosity, could infect organizations, causing tremendous losses and affecting reputations.

This is not the first time media report Facebook is working on a professional social network. Earlier this year, TechCrunch announced the company was working on a project called FB@Work, a system that “could be used in place of email or IM” to chat with colleagues.

‘Facebook at work’ is allegedly already being tested within companies but no launch date has been announced.

A recent Bitdefender study showed anyone could fall victim to Facebook scams, revealing the top 5 bait categories in the last two years.

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