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Facebook Launches the Magic Button: Scammers, Here’s our Official Dislike for You

Friends who check in at the gym at 7 a.m. on weekends, game inviters, proud parents (such as me), wannabe chefs who flood us with pictures of their gastronomic attempts, and scammers too – they will all be judged with a single button: dislike.

Facebook launched the dislike option, which is so far available in the Messenger app. We can finally express disgust and discontent at the things our friends and others consider social media-worthy. If the network decides to expand the availability of the dislike button, companies and advertisers may also get a more down-to-earth picture of their actual Facebook fans.

Facebook Launches the Magic Button: Scammers, Here’s our Official Dislike for You A recent ABC News story revealed the company is interested in finding out what users don’t like about Facebook posts, statuses, images and even ads spreading on the network, so the wider available “dislike” may be soon launched.

The “thumbs-down” option is part of a series of “stickers” that can be downloaded from Facebook’s sticker store. The package also includes a heart, a peace sign, a protest fist, a hand holding a bunch of flowers and a glass of champagne.

The “dislike” button has already made history on the social network. Scammers set up pages to promote “dislike” apps since 2009. After installing malicious add-ons, users discovered the apps were tricky and featured unwanted ads.

“It is fun to have a Dislike button, no doubt about it!,” one user complained. “You only get the button on some statuses, though, never on comments – and, worst of all, the app places an ENORMOUS advertisement on the page! I even installed an ad blocker to try & get rid of it – all the normal ads disappeared, but the ‘Dislike’ ad remained.”

Similar scams redirect users to fraudulent surveys. The latest series of scams promising users a dislike button was caught by Bitdefender’s free app Safego a couple of days ago.

Here’s the TOP 10 IRKSOME SOCIAL MEDIA USERS, according to Sweatband.com, as quoted by the Daily Mail. The company asked 1,793 people who their most annoying contacts on social media are.

1. Diet and exercise boasters – 53 per cent

Users who feel the need to tell you about every calorie they consume and every second they spend exercising.

2. Those who share every meal – 45 per cent

Wannabe Jamie Olivers who share pictures of every meal they eat or cook.

3. Cryptic status writers – 42 per cent

Vague updates that beg for people to ask questions.

4.  Game inviters – 37 per cent

Users who ask friends and followers to play the same game as them to aid in their progress.

5. Proud parents – 36 per cent

When parents constantly update followers on every one of their child’s movements, ‘hilarious’ sayings or tantrums. (Oops! That might be me!)

6. Oversharers – 32 per cent

Some people aren’t afraid to share incredibly personal details, including banking details and new passport pictures.

7. Checker-inners – 26 per cent

Users who share every single place they go.

8. Event spammers – 25 per cent

Users who invite you to every event they can think of, even when you don’t live in the same city – or even country – as them.

9.  Constant engagers – 22 per cent

Those who like and comment on everything, from friend statuses and photos to brand updates.

10. Self-promoters – 19 per cent

Usually small business owners who treat every friend or follower like a prospective customer.

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