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Facebook Users Scammed with Fake Zara, H&M, Amazon Gift Cards

Scammers are using fake Zara, H&M and Amazon vouchers to lure unwary Facebook users to fraudulent surveys that could lead to theft and privacy invasion. The free Bitdefender application Safego alerted users to the phony promotions that could steal their financial and personal details and leave them with their bank accounts empty.

The scam starts with an enticing message on users’ timeline promising gift cards at famous retailers such as Zara, H&M and Amazon. To increase the number of targets and dodge the extra work, fraudsters didn’t bother to make several fake websites. One is enough to trick as many users as possible, no matter if they are Zara, H&M or Amazon clients. Thousands of users may have already been caught in the scam.

Facebook Users Scammed with Fake Zara, H&M, Amazon Gift Cards

After clicking the link promoted through the voucher offer, users are redirected to a website that has been online since before Christmas. To make the website look legitimate, fraudsters registered it on a reputable “.org” domain and lure users with the “precise” number of gift cards remaining, which varies from 134 to 173. This is in fact automatically generated, just like the pictures reproducing the legitimate Zara, H&M and Amazon logos. 

Facebook Users Scammed with Fake Zara, H&M, Amazon Gift Cards
“Complete the simple steps below to claim your Gift Card,” the scam message reads. “You must share this page. Click add comment & type thanks ZARA then tell us how you are going to spend your gift card. After you post your answer you will be redirected automatically to claim your gift card.”

Zara, H&M and Amazon fans – mostly women – rushed into complimenting the retailers.

“Thanx so much Amazon, that will come in very handy,” wrote a UK-based user.

“Thank you H&M!! I will spend my Gift Card buying shoes, dresses and accessories!! I love H&M!,” wrote a medical assistant.

“Thanks H&M, I will spend my gift card to refresh my wardrobe with nice spring/summer clothes! :),” said another user.

Facebook Users Scammed with Fake Zara, H&M, Amazon Gift Cards No matter how thankful their comments are, users are rewarded with fraudulent surveys, premium SMS scams and fake giveaways for Macbook Air, iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

Bitdefender advises users to be wary of free Zara, H&M and Amazon vouchers promoted on Facebook by their friends. To make sure they are legitimate, check the retailers’ official pages. Installing and updating an antivirus software also protects users from malware, phishing, spam and fraudulent attacks on social media.


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