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Free Internet Access from Space Available Worldwide in 2015

Free Internet Access from Space Available Worldwide in 2015

A US-based non-profit organization plans to offer free Internet to “all of humanity,” according to The Hacker News.

The Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) wants to build and launch a global network of hundreds of low-cost miniature satellites to provide Internet data for free starting January 2015, according to the organization’s campaign site.

The Outernet Project, designed as a one-way “universally accessible information service,” will provide a basic level of information and applications to people worldwide. It will benefit people who cannot afford monthly fees or whose Internet access is under government restrictions. “The primary objective of the Outernet is to bridge the global information divide,” the NGO says.

Free Internet Access from Space Available Worldwide in 2015

To serve a wide audience, the satellite constellation will use globally-accepted, standards-based protocols such as DVB, Digital Radio Mondiale and UDP-based WiFi multicasting. People will be able to access it through computers and mobile devices.

The benefits of the Outernet include bypassing all Internet censorship and creating an emergency communication system able to send global notifications in case of natural hazards, according to MDIF.

MDIF plans to add the ability to transmit from anywhere as soon as funds become available.

MDIF is a New York-registered non-profit corporation and investment fund that provides low-cost financing to independent news media in countries with a history of media oppression.

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