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Game On! Bitdefender 2015 Boosts Your Gaming Experience

Game On! Bitdefender 2015 Boosts Your Gaming Experience

Game On! Bitdefender 2015 Boosts Your Gaming ExperienceThe new Bitdefender 2015 loves gamers. It now protects your in-game life from the outside risks of a sluggish computer, not trading protection for optimum performance.

Bitdefender 2015 boasts a set of impressive features, including Bitdefender Activity Profiles, a new technology that automatically detects when you play games and tweaks your system so you enjoy it to the fullest.

The Gaming Profile kicks in during your battles and races to maximize your gaming experience, by allocating more system resources to your favorite game. Your game will run automatically with very high priority in the process tree and the impact of the AV solution will be minimum to none.

Bitdefender 2015 also postpones resource-consuming operations such as scheduled scans, automatic product updates, system maintenance tasks, windows updates and other third-party operations until you’re done playing.

Why use it?

  • Silent protection
  • Smooth gaming experience
  • No pop-ups or alerts

 How to configure Bitdefender Profiles?

  • Bring up the main Bitdefender interface
  • Click the Tools panel
  • Select the Profiles tab
  • In the Profile window, select the Profile Settings specific to each Profile (Work, Movie, Game).

GLHF! Bitdefender promises zero pauses or interruptions at key moments. Sounds good? Learn more about the new Bitdefender 2015. 

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  • This new product looks pretty good. Although some people suggested that Bitdefender has cutted the user customization on the firewall module. Can you confirm this?

    Another question for me is ¿Do you know the launch date of the 2015 lineup here in Europe? We are Bitdefender partners in Spain.

    Thanks for the info.


    • Hi Alejandro,

      Bitdefender 2015 comes with a completely revamped Firewall module, easy to view and customize, so this option remains available. The official launch date for Bitdefender 2015 in Spain has not been established yet, we kindly recommend you to contact our Spanish partner Micronet for further updates on this matter. Thanks!