Gen:Variant.Xpuse.1 Sonnet

With malware infecting and compromising countless systems every day, e-threat alerts take different forms of expression in order to raise public awareness. Mal

Sabina Datcu - Art 1


A Kobcka Trojan onto the computer

Released the wings so sharpened and so thin

Of an installer package, and a muter:

A .dll reveals the world within.

‘cause being very obfuscated t’is

Hard to detect and analyze. Thus bound

Its few instructions hide all as the quiz

Of the integral world. And on its round

Injects itself and checks if process name

Is iexplore or firefox dot com. 

A positive accomplishes its aim

And changes search resúlts (damned be its game)

In certain ads. On evil code, be free! 

As Bitdefender is protecting me.  

About the author

Sabina DATCU

Sabina Datcu, PhD has background training in Applied Informatics and Statistics, Biology and Foreign Languages and Literatures. In 2003 she obtained a master degree in Systems Ecology and in 2009 a PhD degree in Applied Informatics and Statistics.
Since 2001, she was involved in University of Bucharest's FP 5 and FP6 European projects, as researcher in Information and Knowledge Management field.

In 2009, she joined the E-Threat Analysis and Communication Team at BitDefender as technology writer and researcher, and started to write a wide range of IT&C security-related content, from malware, spam and phishing alerts to technical whitepapers and press releases.