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Google Dumped 1 Million Bad Ads a Day in 2013

The number of suspicious ads removed from Google rose to almost 1 million a day last year, an increase of almost 60 percent from 2012, USA Today reports.

At the same time, more than three million applications were denied access to Google’s ad networks in 2013. Though the figures look dazzling, the company’s representatives said that part of the banned applications were from the same entities re-applying several times.

Google Dumped 1 Million Bad Ads a Day in 2013 “The great majority of ads are good,” Ads Engineering Director Mike Hochberg said. “My team’s job is to keep a lid on the bad stuff. It’s a challenge. Google continues to add new types of ads and formats all the time, and that creates new work to track down new ways of creating bad ads. Ensuring that we are serving good ads for users has been part of our ad programs from day one.”

The 2013 report also shows the search giant disabled 270,000 advertisers – only a third of the amount from than a year earlier.

“We attribute this decline to many scammers — counterfeiters, for example — being thwarted by our security efforts,” Hochberg said.

“Bad” ads accounted for less than 1% of the total in 2013. The tech giant said it’s cutting this percentage by about half each year since 2011.

Google’s ad business generates billions of dollars a year in profit for the company and its partners, which makes it a lucrative market for scammers and malvertisers.

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