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Google Launches New Security Dashboard

Google launched a “Devices and Activity Dashboard” to offer users more control over which devices connect to their Google accounts and prevent unauthorized access, according to a company blog post.


The dashboard provides a snapshot of the devices that connect to the user’s Google account, along with details including the last time their account was accessed, the location and the web browser used. This list stays up to date for 28 days.

Users can also check for suspicious account activity. If they notice something out of the ordinary, they can click “Secure your account” to change the account password, update recovery information, check app passwords and account permissions, or alter two-step verification settings.

Google also launched a security wizard for Work accounts to guide users when adjusting security features, such as providing contact info for account recovery or reviewing recent account activity and account permissions.

“Security in the cloud is a shared responsibility and keeping your company information secure is at the core of what we do every day,” said Eran Feigenbaum, Director of Security Google for Work. “By making users more aware of their security settings and the activity on their devices, we can work together to stay a step ahead of any bad guys.”

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