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Google, Microsoft and Mastercard Sign Anti-Piracy Agreement with Danish ISPS

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A coalition including Google, Mastercard, Microsoft and anti-piracy organization Right Alliance was formed to tackle the issue of online infringement, according to news reports.

Their memorandum of understanding, or ‘Code to Promote Lawful Behavior on the Internet,’ has five key objectives:

  1. To help make the Internet a safe and legal platform for consumers and businesses.
  2. To stress that copyright is an important cornerstone for growth and innovation.
  3. To work together to reduce financial crime, based on copyright violations.
  4. To work together to promote the dissemination of legal products.
  5. To contribute to efficient processes that can help reduce copyright violations and associated crimes.

Denmark’s Ministry of Culture is responsible for the initiative, carried out with the assistance of big brands, advertising companies and payment processors.

“The code reflects a common desire to make a determined effort to ensure that the Internet is a safe and economically sustainable marketplace,” the Ministry said in a statement announcing the signing of the code. “It will help to create better conditions for growth and innovation for legitimate businesses and security and transparency for the users.”

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