Got word on Twitter that you

Give me your Twitter credentials, full name and e-mail address and I


[warning! keepin’ it real]

@you got any direct messages warning you that somebody’s out to splash dirt onto your shiny happy public image on a blog?

@me  really now. who’d bother to do that? I’m no celebrity and I keep all my enemies close.

@you absolutely positive you wouldn’t fall for something like this?

@me  neaaah. maybe….who knows? on a bad day, I might.

@you but you just said no one’d have anything to gain from slandering you.

@me come on! they say “real bad blog”. I’ll just check it out. what can happen?

@you trouble, man! you get into trouble!

@ me say it with me: pa-ra-noid? :-)

@ you k, then. go ahead and click.

@me will do just that.

@you  so, how bad is it?

@ me dunno. just landed on a twitter page.

@ you and????

@ me something’s kinda phishy…why would I enter my twitter credentials AGAIN?

@you why not? :-)

@ me ‘cause I wasn’t born yesterday.

@ you r u really, really sure there’s smth wrong with it?

@ me haha URL begins with twittelr …gotcha!!!!!. it’s a fake.


This article is based on the technical information provided courtesy of Tudor Florescu, BitDefender Online Threats Analyst 

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