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Hacker Who Leaked George W. Bush Nude Self-Portraits Arrested

Hacker Who Leaked George W. Bush Nude Self-Portraits Arrested

Marcel Lazar Lehel, the hacker best known for releasing nude self-portraits of former US president George W. Bush, has been arrested for breaching the email and social media accounts of high-profile US and Romanian politicians, says The Hacker News.

Hacker Who Leaked George W. Bush Nude Self-Portraits ArrestedRomania’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIOCT) raided the home of the hacker, who is known online as Guccifer, after working with US authorities to identify and pinpoint him.

Guccifer is held under suspicion of having “accessed, repeatedly and without authorization, by bypassing security measures, email accounts belonging to public figures from Romania, with the purpose of gaining possession of confidential information found in their electronic mailboxes.”

The hacker became famous in early 2013 after revealing the nude self-portraits the former US president had emailed to his sister, Dorothy Bush. He is also known for disclosing private email conversations between U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and Romanian diplomat Corina Cretu.

Most of Guccifer’s cyber targets are entertainers, officials, diplomats and other personalities from Romania and the United States, such as the Bush family, comedian Steve Martin, former Air Force Secretary, George Roche, members of the Council on Foreign Relations, members of the UK’s House of Lords and more.

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